Man is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker; the machine is fast, accurate and stupid. Computers have lots of memory but no imagination. Summing up, while technology has got too many upsides, it can really turn out to be hilarious as I demonstrate in this article. Did it make you smile? I sincerely hope so. Isn’t technology cool? Which places do you look for technology to practice your skills, improve on them and gain more knowledge? This article focuses on this point. Read on to find out.

You can be an entrepreneur in an IT company and look forward to use the skills you already have and sharpen them to thrive better. Working in an IT company means good salary and good opportunities to make you thrive. The downside is that you have to work on a 9-5 schedule every weekday. And there’s no way-out until you quit your job or are laid off.

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Marwan Kheireddine

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Marwan Kheireddine

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